E Payment in the land and planning department in Mombasa

In an effort to improve revenue collection, curb corruption and streamline operations, the governor of Mombasa is introducing the e-payment system in the land and planning department.

Mr. Nassir emphasized the need for proper planning and adherence to standards in the construction to reduce pressure in the sewer systems.

“As we expect economic growth in Mombasa, we equally agree that every time you build a drainage system, sewer system, there might be a strain on the already strained sewer systems. If we are not vigilant, we might have highs in the economy but turn Mombasa into a slum.’

‘With several projects lined up, there is a need to have a proper plan to prevent further damage to Mombasa infrastructure,’ said Nassir.

Some projects in the pipeline include the Dongo Kundu economic zone and Mombasa Kilifi dual carriageway which are expected to spur economic growth for the city. 

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