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Increase in revenue as County seals loopholes

The county government of Mombasa has seen an increase in revenue collection from the three cess points and parking areas after replacing the inspectorate with a new team of revenue enforcement officers.

“Since this new team started working in the cess point, which is one of the county’s streams of revenue, we have seen an improvement of about 70 percent,” the governor said.

According to Nassir, the county is focused on increasing revenue collection to cater to county recurrent expenditures by sealing loopholes and ensuring compliance by businesses.

 “If we are able to raise the compliance rate to 100 percent in all the departments, then Mombasa will be collecting enough to fund its operations,” he said.

The governor is keen to provide an enabling environment for business. “We are also going to see the single business permit collapsed into one. You will no longer have to pay for health, fire, and other licenses separately. You just pay once to process the licenses,” Nassir said

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